heathermo (the1whog0taway_) wrote in atticus_bands,

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Join now fuckers!

You can talk here about whatever you want ! yeah!
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haa hey im bored and i have no idea how i ended up here.. mind if i join.. looks like no one has.! hmm well yeahh
later days
<3 cynthia
welcome, your in

congrats your the first to join
i wonder why no one wants to join..is it that gay?
hah no
ill help you out.. lets make it more interesting..
have you like made banners and shit and prometed them? id make a banner but i dont have photoshop and yeah
but you should make a banner and shit. and then give it to me and ill make shit heads join. haha
im makin one right now but all i have is shitjob paint
oh i see
I guess its ok for paint..
yeah. well i put it in my journal.. be patient.. hopefully someone else joins
later days
hello people.

i don't really know what this is, but i decided to join.
ok your in, but right now its a pretty shitty community because theres only like 2 people we just gotta get more